Screen Printing Workshop




At MSP we emphasise Graphic Style associated with strong designs, contrasts, bold shapes, flat colours, halftones, type.

On a 1-day course you can realistically accomplish a 2 to 3 colour print. A typical day consists of:

1. making positives from artwork

2. preparation and exposure of screen

3. printing colour layers

4. removing stencil from screen

If you want to produce more complex prints or learn about the digital side of printmaking, we recommend that you come on a 2-day course.


Depending on individual interest, we teach all kinds of stencil production, but most commonly we make stencils from digital artwork using photo emulsion. Each stencil will produce a colour layer on the print.

Stencils can be made from physical images or digital files. Either way, visual elements should ideally be black and white, clearly defined shapes, or have grainy texture. Halftones can be converted to dot-screens. Drawings shouldn't be too faint.

Alternatively, stencils can be 'hand-made' which usually involves painting or cutting. This all depends on artistic disposition.