Otto Dettmer

Artist Printmaker


BA Graphic Design, Bristol Polytechnic, 1991

MA Illustration / Screen Printing, Kingston University, 1996


Contemporary Printmakers, Printsolo, Barnes School Gallery, West London, 2017

Neoprint Prize, Bolton, UK, exhibition of Artists' book, Planets, 2016

Oriel Davis Gallery, Wales, Imaginary Worlds, exhibition of Artists' book, Folded Clouds, 2016/17

Cardiff University, Livres d’Artistes, The Artists’ book in theory and practice 2015

New York Art Book Fair 2010, 2012, 2015, 2016

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015

Royal Academy of Arts in North Yorkshire 2014

London Art Book Fair, Whitechapel Gallery 1996-2015

Bristol Artists Book Event 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015

Arts Libris, Art book fair Barcelona 2014

Bath Fringe, Building Volumes 2014

Phoenix Gallery, Press and Release, Brighton 2013

Centre of Fine Print Research, UWE 2012

Handmade and Bound, London 2011, 1012

Leipzig Book Fair 2007, 2008

Mainz Minipressen Messe 2005

Marseille, Vis a Vis 2001

Small Publisher’s Fair, RGAP, London 2003, 2008, 2009, 2015, 2016

BookArtBookShop, London since 2004


Joint winner, Bookartbookshop artists' book competition 2012

1st Prize, best in show, Handmade & Bound, book fair London, 2011


Book Arts Newsletter

Centre of fine print research, Sarah Bodman, UWE Bristol

regular contributions on Artists' books

The Artists' book year book

Centre of fine print research, UWE Bristol

regular inclusions

Blue Notebook Journal for artists' books

Spring 2017, article on alternative arratives in artists' books

Printmaking Today, Vol24

review of Artists' book 'Flatholm' by Sarah Bodman of Centre of Fine Print Research, UWE

Artists Newsletter

review of 'The Octopus would like to put a stop to us' by Sarah Bodman, Centre of Fine Print Research


Review of Art Books and Zines #2, 2015

review of 'The Octopus would like to put a stop to us'  


Artbook Berlin 16

Launch and presentation of The Frog Heart, screen printed artists' book published by Wasser Im Turm, Berlin

Symposium, The End of the Book

University of Bristol, Wills Memorial Building, presentation of paper and show of books, 18 November 2016

House of Illustration, The Legacy of Soviet picturebooks

talk with Design for Today, 26 July 2016

West of England University, Centre of Fine print Research, MA Multidisciplinery Printmaking, regular talks on screen printed artists' books

Miss Read, Berlin Art Book Fair

talk on Screen printed artists' Books, 12 June 2016

Cardiff University, Conference: Livres d'Artistes, the Artists' book in theory and practice, delivery of paper on Screen printed artists' Books and display of work, 6 December 2015

Studio Spaces

Bristol Centre Space 1991-93

Spike Island Studios, Bristol 2002-04

Space Studios, London Vauxhall 2004-10

In 2011 Otto established Marshfield Screen Print, an Artist Open Access screen printing workshop near Bath

Artists’ Books

all books are screen printed unless otherwise indicated





     Folded Clouds

     Photoshop for Screen Printing

     Screen Printing Manual

     The Frog Heart, published by Wasser Im Turm, Berlin


     The Octopus would like to put a stop to us (with Benjamin Heathcote)

     Visa and Solo, published by Design for Today

     Bristol Retail Centres

     Flat Holm (with Chris Skully)

     Camino de Santiago

     Book Jacket

     Lies (with Benjamin Heathcote)


     Modern Constructivist, pochoir and screen print

     Dot Screen Print


     Still Running (with Tim Jones)


     Paper Plane, Narrow Boat, Wooden Horse, Folding Bike

     What is to be done (Bookart Book Shop, London)

     Money Printer (for Sven Meier-Wiedenbach, collector)


     Cell Division

     Invasive species


     The Octopus would like to put a stop to us, pochoir (with Benjamin


     Visa and Solo

     Alien Invasion


     The Dark Tribe (with Benjamin Heathcote)

     Cookfood book 2nd ed. (with Katherina Manolessou)


     Races, The Stranger, Musical Chairs, Work (with Benjamin Heathcote)

     Fettered by film, pochoir (after Mayakovsky)


     Phantom King

     Boat journeys on British waterways, timelapse movies, DVDs

     Boat journeys on British waterways, flick books ink jet


     Ode on the death of a favourite cat, laser jet

     Mambo Moves, flick books (with Irene Miguel) ink jet


     Godzilla (with Katherina Manolessou)

     Return of the Crayfish

     Disappearance on the canal (with the AOI) offset


     Journey to the Centre (with Katherina Manolessou)


     Cookfood book (with Katherina Manolessou)

     Manifesto, inkjet


     Platforms, inkjet

     Heatwave, inkjet


     Cyclops 3


     Cyclops 2, inkjet


     The Fall and fall of the Lemming


     Scottie’s transporter has gone wrong again

     Cyclops 1, inkjet


     Businey World


     Helping you back to work

Collections, Libraries

Print Solo, Online gallery

University of the West of England

Maryland Institute College of Art

Brooklyn Museum Art Library

Cardiff University

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Poet Library London

The Tate Library


Manchester University Library

surrealist drawing 1988
surrealist drawing 1988
surrealist drawing 1988
surrealist drawing 1988
surrealist drawing 1988
surrealist drawing 1988
surrealist drawing 1988
surrealist drawing 1988
watercolour 1990
watercolour 1990

student work, drawings with pencils