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The books on this site are numbered editions.

On some titles I have worked with writers or poets.

Those books are extremely collectible as they are 'original' screen prints, likely to rise in value over time.


I have introduced minimal prices for postage. I decided on a flat rate for worldwide delivery to keep it simple. The actual postage might be more than what I charge the customer, but that's fine. I don't want to discourage people from buying my books just because they live far away.

£1.- for up to £15 purchase

£1.70 for up to £40 purchase

£2.80 for up to £80 purchase

£4.- for up to £150 purchase

£5.- for £150 + purchase

Trade discount

I give a 20% discount to book traders. For orders of 10 books or more I give 30% discount.


All books are hand-made and no one book is quite like another. There might be small 'imperfections', as screen printing is not a perfect science. I have never had a complaint or had to return an item, as I check every book before posting it. However, if you are not happy with your purchase, I will accept returns or exchange for another item, but you have to pay for your own postage.

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