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A Voyage Fantastic

Screen printed picture book

images, text, concept by Otto


The incredibly shrinking man zooms into the universe.

This science fiction fantasy is inspired by the movies 'The incredibly shrinking man' (1957) and 'A fantastc voyage' (1966). My story goes further in terms of what would happen if a human were to shrink indefinitely beyond the size of an atom. The narrative is a universe zoom that ends where it begins.


A Voyage Fantastic is the third in a series of ‘Cross-cut fold’ formats. This leporello type book structure is an original registered design.

The 'textblock' is contained by 3 sheets of printed greyboard, joined, hinged and cornered with cloth tape.


folded size: 25 x 19.5 x 0.8 cm

5 fully illustrated inside pages of varying sizes and formats, screen printed in 3 colours on 200gsm Heritage bookwhite


screen printed black on Greyboard

clothtape hinges and corners

Crosscut-fold Design Registration

No 6008862

printed at MSP Screen Printing in 2018

signed and numbered edition of 50

£ 180.-

for sale at this price are numbers 41-50

numbers 2-40 are now sold