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Camino de Santiago

Screen printed picture book

Text, images, concept by Otto


The book is made by Otto about his pilgrimage in 2015. It contains illustrations of mainly landscapes from the Camino de Santiago. The images are accompanied by text.

On one side the book contains short anecdotes taken from conversations with other pilgrims. On the reverse are suggestions about how to prepare for the journey and what to expect.


Adapted from the first edition of 45, 2015.

The book is a leporello format in a hard case. A sheet of strong cartridge paper has been folded and cut to make 24 squares, which either unfold in a page by page sequence just like an ordinary book, or alternatively as a full sheet which  reveals a large landscape over 16 squares.


48 pages with text and image

folded size: 13 x 13.5 cm

unfolded size: 51 x 72 cm


4 colours on 130gsm Lambeth Cartridge


2 colours hardback

made in August 2017

signed edition of 100

Poster for the book available here

£ 120.-

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for sale at this price are numbers 76-90

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