screen printed

picture books

We will rule the world

Stencil painted picture book

images, text, concept by Otto


My screen printing workshop lies next to a free range chicken farm and I often watch the birds and their behaviour. They frequently fly over the fence, and one day a chicken entered the workshop. After meeting the bird face to face I decided to make a book about chickens, as they are not usually given due recognition.

This book is about the birds and ends to their advantage.


large hardbound centre-stiched book with screen printed wrap-around sleeve

inside stencil painted with watercolour


folded size: 27 x 38cm

14 pages

stencil painted in watercolour on 310gsm Somerset tub sized satin,

stencil painted hard cover

screen printed wrap around sleeve on 160 gsm Heritage Antique

made in 2018

signed edition of 25

£ 150.-

as this is a small edition, it is not available at wholesale prices