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All books for sale on this site are made by myself at MSP. I create the concept, illustrations, I screen print and bind. On some titles I have worked with writers or poets.

I try to keep the books as affordable as possible, while still providing me with a basic income. As a professional book artist making books and prints is my fulltime occupation. The books are perhaps a little more expensive than mass produced books, but are 'original' screen prints, likely to rise in value over time.


Books can be bought wholesale at 60% of the retail price +p&p based on a minimum order of 10 copies of the same title.


All books are hand made and no one book is quite like another. There might be small 'imperfections', as screen printing is not a perfect science. I have never had a complaint or had to return an item, as I check every book before posting it. However, if you are not happy with your purchase, I will accept returns or exchange for another item, but you have to pay for your own postage.

Feel free to leave any comments on my Instagram page.


T +44 (0)1225 891 581

Marshfield Screen Print

4 Martor Industrial Estate

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United Kingdom

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