The Frog Heart


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ottoGraphic Artists' book in collaboration with Wasser im Turm, Berlin

The 16th in a series of Frog prince inspired books, by different artists, published and screen printed by Wasser im Turm.

My narrative is a deconstruction of the fairy tale, by physically cutting up the original text, and reassembling it to create a new story. The eventual narrative is about the servant Henry's heart, freed by the princess, but finally imprisoned again. My first collaged text is in English, followed by a German version, which is also available.

The method is inspired by Gaham Rawle's book 'Womans' World', as well as ealier forms of altered Books such as Tom Phillips' 'A Humument'.

2016, 230x230 mm, 23 pages

text by Otto

illustrations and design by ottoGraphic

published and printed by Wasser im Turm