Multichannel for Screen Printing

How to use channels instead of layers in Photoshop, with abstract illustrations

Photoshop for Screen Printing, 2nd edition

how to convert halftones for screen printing in layers, illustrated with abstract designs





The manuals are my most popular items. They are meant to combine art with use-value. Screen Printing Manual was the first, I made it two years ago to help with teaching at the workshop MSP. A year later came the Photoshop Manual, which is mainly about converting halftones. I sold 100s of those two titles, and this year I made Multichannel as a supplement to the Photoshop Manual. Multichannel explains how I use channels instead of layers. Most recently I published Image Making, which is also very much liked. Thanks for your support, everybody. I hope you enjoy the manuals.

Image Making Manual, ISBN edition

advice on gteneral image making techniques with landscape illustrations of Snowdonia

Screen Printing Manual

essential guide to using screen printing equipment in a professional workshop, illustrated

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