£ 95.-

Peter and Jane in a Paper Plane

Screen printed picture book

Text, images, concept by Otto

This book was exhibited in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2013


Peter and Jane are in a plane. The narrative moves from panel to panel through the interiour of the plane, starting at the rear and finishing in the cockpit. Jane has a deeper insight at the end.


concertina book to resemble a Chinese screen. The outside features  a uniform pattern, the story takes place on the inside panels.

The book is meant to be viewed standing up, half unfolded, so that the jagged outlines of the plane straighten out.

Part of a series of 4 concertinas featuring Peter and Jane in vehicles


27cm high, 80cm in width unfolded

2 colours on 315gsm Heritage Book

made in 2013

edition of 45

printed at MSP Screen Printing