We will rule the world

small screen printed version of

pochoir picture book

images, text, concept by Otto

ISBN 978-0-9932990-8-7


My screen printing workshop lies next to a free range chicken farm and I often watch the birds and their behaviour. They frequently fly over the fence, and one day a chicken entered the workshop. After meeting the bird face to face I decided to make a book about chickens, as they are not usually given due recognition.

This book is about the birds and ends to their advantage.


small centre-stiched screen printed booklet made out of one sheet of 200gsm Heritage Bookwhite

this is a much cheaper version of the larger pochoir book


folded size: 15 x 21cm

16 pages

all on 200gsm Heritage Bookwhite

centre-stiched with wrap-around sleeve

made in 2018

ISBN 978-0-9932990-8-7

£ 20.-