Micro Voyage

Screen printed picture book

Sciene Fiction

Text, images, concept by Otto

ISBN 978-0-9932990-9-4


Micro Voyage is inspired by films like 'The incredibly schrinking man' and 'A Fantastic Voyage'. But here the shrinking goes further beyond the scale of atoms into a micro universe.

Spoiler alert: the story ends where it begins.


Micro  Voyage is the third in the series of ‘Crosscut-fold’ booklets.

I invented the Crosscut-fold technique after observing tulip leaves and the way they fold in on themselves. The format is basically a diagonal Leporello, which, when folded, fits neatly into a postcard sized format.

This booklet is a small version of the hard back 'A Voyage Fantastic'.


5 fully illustrated inside pages of varying sizes and formats

folded size: 9.5 x 12.5 cm


3 colours


2 colours on 315gsm Heritage Book

made in April 2018

Crosscut-fold Design Registration

No 6008862

Open edition

I am happy to sign a copy on request

printed at MSP Screen Printing

£ 12.-