Galactic Narrowboat

Sciene Fiction

ISBN 978-0-9932990-4-9

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screen printed commercial unlimited edition

I am happy to sign a copy on request

£ 12

Gallactic Narrowboat is the same format as Folding Space Ship. As I can produce more of those faster now, I have managed to reduce the price for this title to £12

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Galactic Narrowboat is a cross-cut fold, screen printed ottoGraphic picture book.

From 2004 till 2010 I lived on my boat in and around London, especially at the Angel moorings just outside Islington tunnel. Driving the boat through the tunnel is a surreal experience, which provided the inspiration for this book.

Text, images, concept by Otto

Cross-cut fold (R) is an ottographic invention

Design Registration No 6008862

5 inside pages, fully illustrated of varying sizes and formats, complex fold

folded 9.5x12cm, screen printed on 100gsm (inside) and 300gsm card (cover).

2 colours outside, 3 colours inside, April 2017