Short history

I began freelance illustration in 1991 after graduating at Bristol Polytechnic. Since an MA at Kingston University in 1996 I have worked extensively for international newspapers and magazines, with literally hundreds if not thousands of contributions to publications such as The Economist, The Guardian, The Independent, Times Educational, The New York Times, Fortune, Le Monde, Libération, Courrier International, Der Freitag, Cicero, and many more. I also work for clients in Design, Advertising and Book publishing.

In the late 90s and eary 2000s I was amongst a handful of Illustrators pioneering a conceptual graphic style based on screen print and collage. With hindsight I would say that to a large part I was illustrating the internet revolution in print. Perhaps it is no coincidence that my method is derived from the Russian Constructivists who provided the visual backdrop to the political revolution in Russia 100 years earlier.

My illustrations were featured in publications including:

'Hand to  Eye' by Angus Hyland and Roanne Bell, Laurence King Publishing, 2003

'Fifty Years of Illustration' by Laurence Zeegen, Laurence King Publishing, 2014

Throughout my career I have developed and evolved my style, which is particularly affected by Polish poster art and Russian designs with type and photo montage. Baroque painting and sculpture has to a large degree informed my treatment of the human figure. More recently I have been using a technique based on stencilling, which is a development from the pre-constructivist Russian designers of the early 1900s.

My image-making is closely connected to screen-printing, which I practice routinely at my printmaking workshop near Bath. For digital illustrations the principle is the same, working in layers of colour, usually between two and five layers. Most of my illustration is now at the service of my screen printed artists' books.


Occasionally I give talks and workshops at schools and universities. Please contact me regarding fees and availability.

Enquiries regarding illustration work are welcome. Nowadays I prefer commissions of a regular nature, rather than one-off jobs.

Stock illustration

If you would like to re-use any previous illustrations contact me,

or have a look at Ikon Images, who licence a selection of my illustrations.