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picture books


Otto's collection of books by other Artists

I collect graphic and illustrated books, mainly screen printed or hand offset. The list is ordered alphabetically by Artist/Press.

screen printed work is in green


Aki Yoshimura, What's in the box, Pre-doodled notebook, 2004

Antic Ham, Angst Essen Seele auf, screen print 8/69 2008

Antoine Lefebvre Editions, Outsiders, pour un art autre

Sally Alatalo, All bags must be checked, screen print 1988

Augenfalter, Ringelnatz, 8 artists, 24/80 offset

Allemane, (Atak?) Position indecente pour une etoile, 10/110, screen print

Atlas, all world map

Atlas Press, April Foolish Album, Alphonse Allais


Biografikon, Ana Albero, Till Hafenbrak, Paul paetzel, Human News, 16/140 screen print

Biografikon, Paul Rudolf Paetzel, Das Kaufhaus, 9/100, screen print

Pavel Buechler, Conversation Pieces, i3, 2003

Buechergilde Gutenberg, Die Flucht nach Abecederia, Die Tollen hefte, Blexbolex, 2007

Buechergilde Gutenberg, Ada, Die Tollen hefte, Atak, Gertrude Stein

Buechergilde Gutenberg, Nie Solo sein, Yvonne Kuschel, Die Tollen hefte

Buechergilde Gutenberg, Der letzte Ritt von Billy the Kid, Michael Ondaatje, Die Tollen hefte

Betula press, A4 Miniture


Nancy Campbell, Vantar / Missing

Corraini Editore, Bruno Munari, The Circus in the Mist


Le Dernier Cri, Ito, Yann Tailllefer, ed200 2007 screen print

Le Dernier Cri, Toxique, Tomahawk, ed200 2010 screen print

Le Dernier Cri, Pet shit, 2008 screen print

Le Dernier Cri, Hendrik Dorgathen, from the secret laboratory, 2000

Le Dernier Cri, The best deep trash, 2000 ed 250 screen print

Le Dernier Cri, Famille Mouilles, ed200, Les freres guedim  screen print

Le Dernier Cri, Vagina mushroom, ed200 screen print

Le Dernier Cri, Die Puppe, Nuvish, ed450, collection Bikrolux  screen print

Le Dernier Cri, Ectoplasmes, Nuvish, ed500, 2002, screen printed cover

John Dinot, build a nestbox


Els ter Horst, 't draadje, 2010

Art, Eak Press, 2013

Women, Eak Press, 2004

Handbook, Eak Press

Orbit, Eak Press, 2005

In the Wake of the Superjet, Eak Press

Book of Bread, Eak Press

Foot and Mouth, Eak Press

Men v. Trees, Eak Press

Men get to know each other, Eak Press

Research projects, Printed Matter, Eak Press

Tim Ellis, Love Matches

Tim Ellis, Terminal flight departures

The little Adventure, Harris Espaminonda, 2/12

Extrapool, Dierenshow, Chris Baaten

Extrapool, Knust Nijmegen, Anna Haas, Play with us, Feed The Library, 2010 ed40

Extrapool, Knust, Boner, Judy Radul

Extrapool, Dutch laundry detergent

Edition8x8, Martin Graf, salmonella und Wolfgang, 79/200

Edition8x8, Martin Graf, Wurst Sturm, (Briefmarken) 2008

Edition8x8, Martin Graf, Peter und der Wolf

Edition8x8, Martin Graf, Im gluecklichen Weltall


Christoph Feist, Lange Weile war mein Motor, Lubok, ed500, no392 2009

Kate Farley, Inside out, 14/20 screen print

Hexenkueche, Annegret Frauenlob, 9/50 screen print

David Faithful, East looking West, semper fidelus, 23/60

David Faithful, Inkubator

Evah Fan, Pry on murmurs, 2006

Foundry, Frances Elliot, vector 055

The Friday morning coffee, January 2013


Alexander Glandien, Zum Freischuetz

Gloria Glitzer, Turn over, 35/250

Moritz Gruenke , Constructs no2 97/120


Hanneke van der Hoeven, Unter Wasser hab ich Hoehenangst, edition Wasser im Turm, Berlin

Zero, Benjamin Heathcote

George Hardie, Twenty years of jobbing illustration

George Hardie, Also available in other colours, 1/1000

Hato press, Nicolas Burrows, How it is...

John Held Jr., L'arte del timbro

Jakob Hinrichs, Edition Revers, Vladimir Majakowski Der/Fliegende/Proletarier


Bat Bombs, ein FiFi-comic, Philip Janta 2007 screen print

Combat, Benoit Jacques, Vallot a Nemours ed500, 1993

Dance, Hillary Judd


Billy Kiossoglou, Victor and Suzie, Brighten the Corners

Kuehnen, Fluo, 4/23


Liver & Lights, John Bentley, No 19 The Creek, 3rd edition, 2015

Terry Laundy, The "Transgender" Business, zine, 2017

Paul Laidler and Brett Atkinson, Produced by, What's in the box, 2004

Mark Long, Who ate all the pies?, Aldgate press, 2010

Lubok, Zehn, 234/500

Simone Lia, Spot the dog

M. Lumby, Sonnet 154, 2006

Laughter, Yasushi Cho, 22/40 Tank

Johanna Limberger, Limburger Faltflieger

Pauline Lamont-fisher, Walking a found map, 17/25


Mermaid Turbulence, Exercises de conversation et de diction francaises pour etudiants Americains, Ionesco, 2003

Mermaid turbulence, the new guide to the conversation in English, Pedro Carolino, 2003

Mermaid turbulence, Element. Exit, Escape, Exiles

Mermaid turbulence, Element. Space, Marie-aimone Djeribi 1999

Mermaid turbulence, Domestic, Dominic Stevens, Marie-aimone Djeribi, 1999 500ed no55

Mermaid Turbulence, Element no8, Hoarders, Collectors, Marie-aimone Djeribi

Mermaid Turbulence, Element 7 , What Machines?, Marie-aimone Djeribi

Mermaid Turbulence, The planets, Conor Lucey, 2002 184/500

Mermaid Turbulence, Shopping list, Useful thing, this.

Stuart Mugridge, Works, 2003, 6/24

Kate McMorrine, Ring Worm, 2009

Katherina Manoulessou, All sorts, 7/30 screen print

Katherina Manolessou, poem C.P.Cavafy, 2nd Ed, 5/130, 2004 screen print

Katherina Manolessou, Christmas and new year card 2004

Katherina Manolessou, Christmas and new year card 2005

Katherina Manolessou, Zoom zoom zoom book launch

Katherina Manolessou, Parasites, 42/100 2005

Le Repli, Romain Maille ed20

Mirroring Society, The Identity of the World (newspapers)

Edition Memo, Alexander Rodtchenko, Animaux a mimer

Joe Magee Special, Werk No.16, Theseus Chan


Nicolas Paris Velez, Doble Faz, La Silueta Ediciones Ltda


Grete Oehmichen, Feuerland, 3/15 screen print


Pedestrian publishing, Pharmapoetica, Chris Mccabe, Maria Vlotides, ed 500

Tetes de Mickey, Mille Putois sp255/400 2013 screen print

Palefroi, schaffhauser, 2016 screen print 17/40

Tanya Peixoto, X, Atlas Press and bookartbookshop 2012

Lost worlds, Bucky Fleur, Perro Verlag


Monochrome, Dase Roman Sherbakov, Re:Surgo 2012 71/120 screen print

Recycle, Re:press, Lara Luna 2/35

Jenny Rope, Monday, Napa Comics 2002

Redfox press, Francis Van Maele and Antic Ham, Routemaster 28/50

Redfox press, Francis Van Maele, Leaving it behind, 69ed

Peter Rapp, the effects of testosterone on ferrous metals 12/20

Chantal Rens, Kanada


Lucy May Shofield, Roadkill, Frog 2013, 1/5

Seth Tobocman, World War 3 illustrated, 1986

The Bomb that wouldn't go off, Andy Smith, screen print 34/80

Magnus Soenning, A giant fairy story, Accord Edition, 16/200

Incanto, Frank Santoro, picturebox, 2006

Tom Sowden, Fortynine coach seats, 2003 6/49

Tom Sowden, What's in the box, Tonight I would like to be you, 2004

Home Sweet Home, Anne Sorensen

Patric Sandri, CV

Martin Steininger, Cyclops 2002, The dock lands routebook, no26

Stephen fowler, Mark pawson, Honey darling's old clothes 5/70


Tara books, I like cats, Anushka Ravishankar and various artists, screen print 632/3000

Tara books, Waterlife, Rambharos Jha 403/3000

Chisato Tambayashi, Circus, 2017

Effort, Chisato Tambayashi screen print


Ugly duckling presse, 24 I mean this thing

Marianne Ulrich, Schneck Elli zieht um, flickbook 2007


Vic Browne, What's in the box, Paridaez, 2004

The Moth, Sophia Vlazaki, 2003, 45/46 screen print


Wasser Im Turm. Berlin, Inka Grebner, Der Frosch, screen print

Flip again, Wuon Gean Ho

Constanta, Wuon Gean Ho

Masks, Wuon Gean Ho

China Love, Wuon Gean Ho

Webproductions, Ajar, Telfer Stokes, 1991

Cathy Ward and Eric Wright, Destiny manifest, Eden's end

Sylvia Waltering, World famous hooks and eyes, 2/20