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I am a printmaker with a background in illustration and  have been creating and publishing screen-printed books since graduating from an MA in Illustration at Kingston University, 1996. I now screen-print books at my workshop near Bath. I show and sell work at international Artists' Book Fairs.

When creating visual narratives I experiment with new designs and try to push the boundaries of visual language.

Visual influences are Russian Constructivism and Baroque painting.

All the books are made by myself at MSP. I create the concept, illustrations, I screen print and bind. On some titles I have worked with writers or poets.

Occasionally I give talks or workshops at schools and universities. Please contact me regarding fees.

Under 'picture books' you find open editions with isbn numbers. They get reprinted on demand.

Artists' books in 'Book art' are signed and numbered. They are limited to the number of the edition and won't be reprinted.

I also sell 'rare' books, which means I have only very few left. To me they are comparable in value to original art, and are therefore more expensive.  


T +44 (0)1225 891 581

Marshfield Screen Print

4 Martor Industrial Estate

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SN14 8LJ

United Kingdom

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